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JFKustomsTV Facelift complete!!

JFKtv Logo

Our Producer has been hard at it and has revamped JFKustomsTV!  Take a look, enter the site, hopefully you’ll find the new layout more user friendly and quicker to load.  Sometimes if we get carried away and have a long episode you may still find you have to wait a couple seconds for the video to load but it has been So much improved from what we had before…. I think you’ll be impressed.

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JF visits with Barry Meguiar on Car Crazy

On the main stage!

It seems like it was only last week but in November of 2009 we took the Wagon to SEMA in Las Vegas.  Once again we managed to get one of the best parking spots in the place.  Parked just beside the stage of Barry Meguiars Car Crazy Central, the wagon became the backdrop to all the interviews that took place throughout the week.  At one point we had to maneuver the wagon up the steep ramps onto the stage for JF’s interview with Barry, something we very carefully practiced during set up earlier in the week.  If you haven’t seen the interview yet, you can catch it on the Car Crazy youtube page by clicking the link below.

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