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Well all, 2 runs for the Ridler and 2 Great 8 cars.  Perhaps the third time will be the charm! This year there was a record number of competitors for the Ridler with 63 cars in all.  To be chosen top 8 is a pretty spectacular feeling.  We would like to extend our congratulations to Dwayne Peace, his son and their crew of talented craftsmen for a job well done.  For any who haven’t seen it, you’ll want to check out the Ridler winning T-Bird.  As for us, this weekend finds Gord and Carol in Chicago at the World of Wheels show.  As we had to get back to the shop and back to the business at hand, we wish them a successful show.  Here is a list of some of the sites that you can see coverage on Kardiac and the 2012 Detroit Autorama.

Thanks to everyone for your amazing show of support!


Backyard Wrench Heads tv

Hot Rod Hotline

Street Rodder Web

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Down to the wire…. what some others are saying.

This is from MyRideisMe.com:

It’s the Great 8 – Ridler Award Contenders 2012

February 24, 2012 by pikesan 

2012 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award Contenders

More fun than the republican primary! Vote for your favorite below.

It’s about time. I’ve been grabbing photos from friends for long enough. It’s time for a personal account of the hot rods and custom cars that make up the Detroit Autorama, especially the best of the best, the Ridler cars. For the 60th Anniversary of the Detroit Autorama, the competition is extra tough… Fact is, I couldn’t figure out what cars were the “Great 8″!

Rules for the Ridler are pretty simple: The cars should show: Creativity, Engineering and Workmanship. (What they don’t mention is that the winner typically shows all three of these in a way, most likely, never seen before or done in a way that’ll cause mouths to hit the floor) Just a few other rules, the Ridler contenders must be showing for the very first time and must run, drive and stop in a basic way.

What’s not in the Rilder Rules? Body style, year or anything specifying what kind of car it is… Love that! So let’s mix it up here and see if we vote the same as the judges for the 2012 Ridler Award:

Enjoy the pictures and for any shot, click to see the full-size photo.

Great 8 Ridler Award Contender #1 ~ 1967 Shelby GT500

2012 Ridler Award, 2012 Detroit Autorama, 1967 Mustang Fastback

2012 Detroit Autorama, 2012 Ridler Award, custom Shelby gt5002012 Detroit Autorama, 2012 Ridler Award, GT5002012 Detroit Autorama, 2012 Ridler Award, 427 Ford FE

If you’ve ever seen me at a show, I’m runnin! Media gets in at 9AM so I’m shooting everything I can before the crowds pour in. My plan? Shoot the Ridler contenders first. No problem except the “openess” of the Ridler rules allow a bunch of cars to enter. With so many cars to review, the official Great 8 cars aren’t announced until noon. Still, I had my eye on a few and shot’m up right…

First up is the 1967 Shelby GT500 of Carol and Gordon Phillips rolling in from Quesnel, BC, Canada. I’m going on record now: This is my pick for the Ridler Award.

Built by JF Kustoms, this Mustang has every detail imaginable nailed. After JF Launier nailed it, he chromed it and polished it! The list of one-off details on this car starts with the wheels and the steering wheel, but dig that grille! “Kardiac 500″ is custom machined in by Mike Curtis, designer and fabricator of the billet goodies. Why Kardiac? Part of it is how Gord’s gen-u-ine Shelby gives purists heart palpitations, but the rest? You’ll have to read my feature article coming soon…

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Another Great 8 Car for JF Kustoms!

It’s been a long haul but the 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 owned by Gord and Carol Phillips has not only hit the street, but hit is with the wheels spinning!! We started the build in 2009 and are so happy to be chosen as one of the Great 8 at the 2012 Detroit Autorama! We can’t thank our team, the owners, the sponsors and everyone who showed us their support over the past couple years while we were workin on this latest vision. 

The car was originally pulled from a wrecking yard in the 80′s…… it’s come a long way!

Keep your eye on the web for photos, stories and links and wish us luck cuz we’re hoping that we’re going to bring home the 2012 Riddler car!!

Check out our Facebook page for more pics and updates too! Just click here!

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JFKustomsTV Facelift complete!!

JFKtv Logo

Our Producer has been hard at it and has revamped JFKustomsTV!  Take a look, enter the site, hopefully you’ll find the new layout more user friendly and quicker to load.  Sometimes if we get carried away and have a long episode you may still find you have to wait a couple seconds for the video to load but it has been So much improved from what we had before…. I think you’ll be impressed.  The newest episode is loaded too so make sure to take a minute and check it out!  The 55 Chev that we’ve been hard at work on has to leave next week for SEMA and then it may hit one show before it goes home with it’s owner, lots of great footage in this episode covering it’s “Maiden Voyage”!  There’s also a how-we-did-it segment on the Riviera.  Don’t forget you can also check out our YouTube page for all our past episodes.

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Back in the day, before we were too busy buildin cars, fun would search us out and hunt us down!

Red Neck Mustang Jumpin

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